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Carpentry Services Websites – Killingly CT

Consider My Pre-Formatted Website Samples


I offer a growing selection of pre-formatted carpentry services websites in Killingly CT. My name is Lorraine Nott of Nott Marketing Services. I have been in the small business website design and maintenance business since 1997. Over the years I have designed and published first-websites, and have redesigned old ones for many types of businesses.


Small companies know they need a web presence, and many are reluctant to ask for help. Finding your target market online and offline is very expensive. Slick ads for do-it-yourself website builders abound. These plans may be fine for tech-savvy business owners. Go ahead and explore Wix, Godaddy, Square Space, and the like.  Unless you have the time to learn everything you need to customize your project and get it published and seen in Google search, you will spend lots of resources getting your name out there. Get stuck, and you have an expensive, unfinished website nobody can see. For some people, calling someone like me is a last resort. I understand your frustration! 


Custom Features May Cost More

Before I can get any pertinent information from a prospect, I am typically asked about the cost. In my opinion, the cost should be the last question asked. What type of company do you have?  Do you have an online presence or social media accounts? Are you announcing a new company? Would you want to rank well in Google and Bing for each service you offer? How expansive is the company service area?


The complexity of the layout, features, and functionality determine the amount of time I spend building a website. Some clients are better prepared than others, and have digital logos and photography of their jobs. The more precisely you can describe your experience, talents, and goals, the better the website. 


Please make a list of special features you would like to include on your site. For example, collecting a database for a newsletter on your site might be best served by a company that specializes in this service. The best ones will connect your website to theirs. Special requests may require the services of a coder, software licenses, subscription fees, and proprietary code.


Pre-Designed Websites cost less to create

Every business deserves an accurate and effective website, one that reflects company values and strengths. Many times, showing models of actual websites with specialty layouts spark the imagination. I am assembling a gallery of appropriate model websites to make selecting a format and style a lot easier.


I have adapted a construction theme website for a small company offering some home renovation services. The original theme is suitable for electrical contractors, carpentry services, construction companies of any size, masonry contractors, electrical contractors, and paving contractors.


Individual services can accommodate galleries on the three specialty pages I included in this model. The color schemes, fonts, and some of the layouts can be changed. For more information or to contact me, email me at, with website layouts in the subject line.